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Universal Laptop Adapter

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Universal notebook power adapters: You’ve probably seen them at your local electronics retailer. One could wonder, “What would I need something like that for? My laptop comes with one already.” or perhaps “If I need another power adapter, I’ll get it from the laptop’s manufacturer.” That may be all well and good, but there are quite a few reasons why a universal laptop adapter may be a good purchase:


The first, foremost, and likely most obvious reason someone would go out to get a universal notebook adapter is to replace a lost or broken one. You forgot to charge your laptop last night and your adapter is missing because your roommate is borrowing it again, but you’ve got a presentation to do in a couple hours. Best run to the shop and get one of those universal adapters before you pull all of your hair out. Also, hide the tip your roommate needs so he doesn’t take this one too.


Some people follow, or should follow, the technical mantra of “Backup Everything”, whether it’s a sales presentation, your master’s thesis, all of your music (except that one album you don’t like THAT much), or have a whole extra gaming machine for, you know, just in case. A notebook power adapter should be no different. Always be prepared!


Whether you’re racking up the frequent flyer miles or just visiting mom’s house every other weekend, that laptop is going places and it’s going to need juice to keep up. Leave the original adapter at home and travel with your universal one, especially those super slim SNA adapters. Keep the extra tips with you and you could let your forgetful sibling charge up their laptop as well. Don’t worry, the up to 90% efficiency and Energy Star rating won’t needlessly run up mom’s power bills.

Multiple Permanent Locations

Use the same laptop at work and home? Why crawl under the table and deal with that power cord every time you come in and leave the office? Just grab a universal adapter for home to skip that step with the bonus of anyone at home being able to use the adapter while you’re not.
It is worth noting that there are proprietary technologies out there that stops universal adapters from utilizing their full features, such as the special plug sockets for Apple and custom laptops or Dell’s battery technology that prevents our chargers from charging the batteries, but can still power the laptops directly. There are also special, typically large laptops out there that simply require more juice than our adapter selection doesn’t supply.

Cooler Master’s universal notebook adapters come in two different form factors, with exception to the NA 120 120W adapter, a regular “brick” shape and a slim one that’s just about the size of a modern smartphone.So whether you’re replacing a notebook adapter, wanting a spare for when your family visits, or you just want a different one to take with you to the airport, Cooler Master universal notebook adapters are a great choice in quality and value.

Selecting A Universal Adapter

Here are some recommendations for selecting a universal laptop adapter: