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Lap Comforter / Lap Air

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Cushioned Lap Desk


Laptops allow you to enjoy your computer virtually anywhere, but that doesn’t always mean it is a comfortable experience. Chances are you’ve struggled to balance a laptop on your legs or felt the heat from your device reach uncomfortable, even unsafe levels. For many, this spoils the pleasure of using your computer in a relaxed, casual setting. Well, the good news is that you no longer have to sacrifice your personal comfort for convenience and portability.


The Comforter Series was designed specifically for laptop use in nontraditional areas such as the couch, bed or even on the floor. Perfect for a study group in your less than spacious dorm, a living room LAN party or simply setting up an office on your couch: this line of products provides a stable, balanced surface for your computer and serves as a heat shield to protect your body. But the benefits don’t end there. Hyperthermia, or repeated exposure to high temperatures, is known to damage reproductive systems. By adding a Comforter into your life, you can remain productive online and in the bedroom.


Mobile computing at home should be convenient and fun, not hazardous to your health. Save your lap from heat exposure and forget about the days of discomfort, now you can enjoy your laptop from any location with all the benefits of a traditional desk space.


The Comforter Series will enhance your laptop experience in any casual setting, and with available features like fan-powered cooling, antibacterial surfaces and 15-17” device support, it is a priceless addition to any modern home.

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