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Hybrid Capacitive Switch

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NovaTouch TKL featuring Hybrid Capacitive Switches

The NovaTouch TKL is a premium grade mechanical keyboard that focuses on two simple things: precision and performance.

  • Precision tuned, uniformly weighted key switches — 45g activation, 4mm travel
  • Shortest debounce time for lighting quick responsiveness
  • Compatibility with CHERRYMX Keycaps
  • Japanese Hybrid Capacitive Switches

Cooler Master designed the NovaTouch TKL for power users who want the ultimate typing performance with a no-frills look.  When you’re typing over 100 wpm, the NovaTouch’s Hybrid Capacitive Switch gives an advantage that no other mechanical keyboard can provide. The switch provides a responsive and comfortable experience for both the professional typist and the professional gamer.

How does the NovaTouch’s Hybrid Capacitive Switch work?

NovaTouch TKL utilizes a patented Japanese hybrid switch design that combines the benefits of a mechanical spring-based switch and an electrostatic capacitive sensor to provide excellent tactility, comfort, and durability.

The unique design of these Hybrid Capacitive switches require no physical mechanical coupling, therefore eliminating key switch bounce & chatter for a frictionless experience whether typing or gaming. In short, this is a quieter alternative to existing mechanical switches while maintaining the satisfying tactile feel many users have learned to love.The switch is designed with 3 key layers: a mechanical housing slider, an electrostatic layer, and a conical spring.

Using a capacitive sensor, the key press is sensed at the mid-actuation point as the spring is compressed. Having the electrostatic layer as the contact point allows for friction-free actuation.

The keyboard’s circuit then takes the data from the sensor and feeds it to a controller to register the actual keystrokes in an extremely short travel time. The keycaps are stabilized on the center stem for most keys, while larger keys like Space Bar include two more stabilizers on each side. This allows for a uniform weight of 45g across all keys for precision tuned performance.

The included O-Rings can further dampen the sound and decrease the travel distance of the keyswitch by about 0.2 mm, which may not sound like much, but there are many who swear by the shorter travel time producing faster typing speeds.

Who is the Ideal NovaTouch User?novatouch_001

Simple answer: Those who just want the best. Users that select the NovaTouch TKL will often be serious keyboard users who spend countless hours typing and don’t exactly need to look down.

This range can, and does, include a wide spectrum of users and usage types. In general, NovaTouch TKL users will expect a more ergonomic and smooth switch that makes long periods of use more pleasant while the quick debounce time allows for maximum efficiency. The removal of chatter from the switch impact also makes it ideal for office or school settings.

The Hybrid Capacitive Switch also has a lifetime of over 60 million keystrokes per switch. This better and longer lasting experience makes NovaTouch TKL great for journalists, writers, computer programmers, and even professional gamers.

Mechanical keyboard enthusiasts are also a great fit for the NovaTouch, as they can have the luxury of the Hybrid Capacitive Switch while customizing with their CHERRY MX keycaps of choice. Enthusiasts have grown up the chain from membrane keyboards, to mechanical keyboards, and NovaTouch is the next step up.

How do Hybrid Capacitive Switches Benefit Gamers?


APM, also known as Actions Per Minute, is a commonly used term to show the level of skill for gamers in certain genres. The output of actions can potentially tip the scales when playing on the highest levels. High APM is countered by long debouncing. Longer debounce time means slower command execution – and when the game is on the line, that’s what matters most.

The NovaTouch TKL is the fastest mechanical switch on the market in terms of response. The actuation is 3x faster than other mechanical switches available. Pro-gamers require unrestricted hardware to perform at the highest level, and the NovaTouch TKL provides exactly that with the lowest debounce time of any keyboard.novatouch_004It’s even much quieter than other mechanical keyboards, making it less of an annoyance for use with any voice communication protocols. The NovaTouch TKL is the perfect balance of a compact, no-frills keyboard that allows gamers to maximize their output and give them the edge they want in the latest games.

Why TenKeyless (TKL)?

More and more users are adopting the tenkeyless (TKL) design for their keyboard. Many games and applications have pulled away from Numpad-centric shortcuts, allowing their keyboard to shrink to a more ergonomic design. No Numpad means that majority of mouse-users can bring the mouse hand closer to a more natural position near their body center, relaxing the shoulder and strain over a long period of use. The smaller form factor also increases portability for users who wish to bring the ultimate typing experience with them to class, at a coffee shop, or even an airplane.novatouch_compact

Selecting which keyboard switch to use is often an involved experience in that there are so many great choices available to users. Everyone has a specific need for their keyboard and the NovaTouch is no different – it is designed for the user who simply wants the absolute best. Cooler Master always provides a wide variety of options to meet the rigorous demands (or even a budget) to keep your typing experience the best it can be.


Why is there no backlighting?

The NovaTouch is designed for touch-typists clocking in speeds of over 100wpm who aren’t generally looking down at their keys to type.

We understand that backlighting provides a unique, aesthetic look, but sometimes may serve as a distraction more than anything.  However, for those looking to add some style, the NovaTouch is compatible with CHERRY MX keycaps, giving access to a wide-range of color and customization options. Still want a backlit tenkeyless keyboard? Check out the Quickfire Rapid-i



Debounce – the time it takes for a keyboard to register a single, confirmed digital signal.

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