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Lady with ergonomic setup

Ergonomics is the scientific study of equipment design with the goal of improving productivity while minimizing fatigue, discomfort and injury risk. While often over looked, this concept remains the most important factor in protecting your health, improving your performance and creating an enjoyable computer experience.posture

Many are unaware of the adverse health consequences from working in unnatural, non-ergonomic positions and the warning signs of injury are commonly ignored. What some might not realize is that by implementing small adjustments to their posture, typing position and viewing angle, they can work more comfortably, efficiently and eliminate the risk of repetitive, strain and musculoskeletal injuries.


Laptop users suffer most from the pitfalls of bad ergonomics due to the limited screen and keyboard positions available to them. Throw in working on the go, make-shift desktops and casual web surfing on the couch and you are left with a recipe for stress, pain and injury. Worse yet, those who use their laptop as a workstation have likely accepted the limited range of positions and chronic discomfort into their daily life.Hand positioning on keyboard


How Can You Improve?

As a laptop owner, how can you improve your ergonomics beyond the occasional screen tilt and chair adjustment?

Furthermore, how do you create a set-up that is comfortable for your individual body type and personal preference?

A laptop cooler is the best way to achieve this, and the benefits of owning one are manyfold.


Height Adjustment

A laptop cooler will allow you to elevate your laptop, bringing the screen to eye level and providing a more natural angle for typing.

This simple adjustment to improve the position of your device will reward your joints, muscles, nerves and even your vision. In addition to letting you break free from limiting and unnatural postures, a laptop cooler will ensure the health and lifespan of your computer by lowering temperatures. Because heat is damaging to electronics, this is exactly what your laptop needs.


Improving Your Workspace

Many additional features are also available, providing you with USB ports, cable management, LED lighting and more, making a laptop cooler an excellent choice for any mobile computer user.


Here are some recommendations that you can use as a guideline when choosing the perfect ergonomic laptop cooler to suit your needs:


NotePal ErgoStand III





NotePal ErgoStand Lite






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