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Top-down CPU coolers are most commonly included with pre-built desktop PCs or included with retail boxed processors, but are becoming more popular as smaller form factors like mini-ITX continue to make headway into the living rooms of PC users. They also provide additional cooling benefits to supporting hardware through its unique design for maximum performance and thermal regulation.

Cooler Master focuses on a wide range of standard CPU cooler replacements, low profile applications, and more intriguing mid-end cooling with styling and functionality through the Vortex and GeminII series. We’ve designed this Cooler Master University article to help you best decide on the cooler that is right for you.

What are Top-Down CPU Coolers?



Much of the copper, nickel plated, or other aluminum base and heat pipes of a Top-down CPU cooler function similar to that of a traditional Tower CPU cooler. The cooler is placed on top of a heat source (processor) with a thin layer of thermal interface material (TIM) spread in between them to help facilitate the transfer of heat between surfaces. The liquid within the heat pipes changes phases to a gas and carries the heat up the pipes into the fins.

These fins … Read More »

NovaTouch TKL featuring Hybrid Capacitive Switches

The NovaTouch TKL is a premium grade mechanical keyboard that focuses on two simple things: precision and performance.

Precision tuned, uniformly weighted key switches — 45g activation, 4mm travel Shortest debounce time for lighting quick responsiveness Compatibility with CHERRYMX Keycaps Japanese Hybrid Capacitive Switches

Cooler Master designed the NovaTouch TKL for power users who want the ultimate typing performance with a no-frills look.  When you’re typing over 100 wpm, the NovaTouch’s Hybrid Capacitive Switch gives an advantage that no other mechanical keyboard can provide. The switch provides a responsive and comfortable experience for both the professional typist and the professional gamer.

How does the NovaTouch’s Hybrid Capacitive Switch work?

NovaTouch TKL utilizes a patented Japanese hybrid switch design that combines the benefits of a mechanical spring-based switch and an electrostatic capacitive sensor to provide excellent tactility, comfort, and durability.

The unique design of these Hybrid Capacitive switches require no physical mechanical coupling, therefore eliminating key switch bounce & chatter for a frictionless experience whether typing or gaming. In short, this is a quieter alternative to existing mechanical switches while maintaining the satisfying tactile feel many users have learned to love.The switch is designed with 3 key layers: … Read More »


One of the core components to any computer system is the Power Supply Unit (PSU). The basic functionality of the PSU is to convert the Mains AC (Household, Line, Grid) Power into Low-Voltage DC Power that your components need to operate.

We will go more in-depth about what the internal components do, but for now we’ll focus on these topics:


80 Plus certification is awarded to PSU’s that pass an independent testing program which gauges the efficiency of power supplies. It is designed to let the end user know how much electrical power is being lost via heat, or in other words, how much power they will save by purchasing a certified unit. … Read More »


Vapor Chambers are designed for vastly improved thermal performance over traditional solid metal heat spreaders found in traditional CPU coolers. This is accomplished while achieving a reduced weight and height. Vapor Chamber technology enables higher CPUs with a higher TDP (or overclocked state) to be efficiently and effectively cooled to safe operating temperatures, extending component and product life.


Vapor Chambers are filled with coolant that, when heated, change phases from a liquid to a gas and back again. The vaporized coolant circulates via convection and moves freely through the chamber. The molecules then condense on cold surfaces, dissipate their heat load, and are channeled back to the coolant reservoir. The system is able to absorb and dissipate large amounts of heat through this method. Condensation varies based on the change in temperature between the coolant and the contact surface. The chamber is setup in a way that the coolant will automatically stream towards the coolest surface area. This self-organization of the coolant molecules within the Vapor Chamber is responsible for its superior thermal properties. As a result it provides stable and evenly spread temperatures on all of its surfaces, regardless … Read More »


Sensors: Optical, Laser, Triple Helicopter Photon Emitter (ok, we made up that one)… Mouse sensor technology can be difficult to understand and even more difficult to choose between. CM University has assembled these often foreign concepts into easy to digest explanations below so that can turn your focus back to tailoring your computing experience fitting your needs.


Optical sensors offer users a constant stream of tracking data to detect movement relative to a surface image. There are precision benefits to this, as there is no re-calibration done when the mouse is lifted up, keeping a consistent feel to movement in gaming. However, optical sensors are much more reliant on surfaces due to the LED used to track movement. In other words, using an optical LED on your couch or leg probably isn’t going to give you the best tracking; CM Storm gaming surfaces would be the optimal choice.



Designed for precision, laser sensors are able to track and accurately report mouse movement on practically any surface available to you. Laser sensors allow for higher DPI settings which translates into much more precise tracking. Primarily pro gamers or computer artists are able … Read More »


Sound has immense power. It is the uplifting melody in your favorite song, the muffled footsteps of an enemy lurking around the corner, the spine-chilling soundtrack to your favorite film and the unforgettable voice of an old friend. It has the ability to charge your emotions, stimulate your thoughts, immerse you in fantasy and constantly provides you with vital information. Let’s take a look at how headphones produce this powerful phenomenon and the features you should be familiar with before purchasing your next pair.


True Surround Sound: True Surround headphones function similar to surround sound speakers in that positional audio generates an experience that envelopes the listener with directional qualities. Individual drivers placed strategically in each ear cup allow for this to happen. True Surround is often preferred by gamers due to the more accurate representation of the sounds being produced around them, but can be found on the ears of casual, enthusiast and audiophile users alike.

Virtual Surround: Also known as digital surround, this is a method of simulating true surround sound without using individual drivers. It is achieved by software that digitally encodes the audio in order to give the … Read More »