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Top-down CPU coolers are most commonly included with pre-built desktop PCs or included with retail boxed processors, but are becoming more popular as smaller form factors like mini-ITX continue to make headway into the living rooms of PC users. They also provide additional cooling benefits to supporting hardware through its unique design for maximum performance and thermal regulation.

Cooler Master focuses on a wide range of standard CPU cooler replacements, low profile applications, and more intriguing mid-end cooling with styling and functionality through the Vortex and GeminII series. We’ve designed this Cooler Master University article to help you best decide on the cooler that is right for you.

What are Top-Down CPU Coolers?



Much of the copper, nickel plated, or other aluminum base and heat pipes of a Top-down CPU cooler function similar to that of a traditional Tower CPU cooler. The cooler is placed on top of a heat source (processor) with a thin layer of thermal interface material (TIM) spread in between them to help facilitate the transfer of heat between surfaces. The liquid within the heat pipes changes phases to a gas and carries the heat up the pipes into the fins.

These fins … Read More »

NovaTouch TKL featuring Hybrid Capacitive Switches

The NovaTouch TKL is a premium grade mechanical keyboard that focuses on two simple things: precision and performance.

Precision tuned, uniformly weighted key switches — 45g activation, 4mm travel Shortest debounce time for lighting quick responsiveness Compatibility with CHERRYMX Keycaps Japanese Hybrid Capacitive Switches

Cooler Master designed the NovaTouch TKL for power users who want the ultimate typing performance with a no-frills look.  When you’re typing over 100 wpm, the NovaTouch’s Hybrid Capacitive Switch gives an advantage that no other mechanical keyboard can provide. The switch provides a responsive and comfortable experience for both the professional typist and the professional gamer.

How does the NovaTouch’s Hybrid Capacitive Switch work?

NovaTouch TKL utilizes a patented Japanese hybrid switch design that combines the benefits of a mechanical spring-based switch and an electrostatic capacitive sensor to provide excellent tactility, comfort, and durability.

The unique design of these Hybrid Capacitive switches require no physical mechanical coupling, therefore eliminating key switch bounce & chatter for a frictionless experience whether typing or gaming. In short, this is a quieter alternative to existing mechanical switches while maintaining the satisfying tactile feel many users have learned to love.The switch is designed with 3 key layers: … Read More »


Universal notebook power adapters: You’ve probably seen them at your local electronics retailer. One could wonder, “What would I need something like that for? My laptop comes with one already.” or perhaps “If I need another power adapter, I’ll get it from the laptop’s manufacturer.” That may be all well and good, but there are quite a few reasons why a universal laptop adapter may be a good purchase:


The first, foremost, and likely most obvious reason someone would go out to get a universal notebook adapter is to replace a lost or broken one. You forgot to charge your laptop last night and your adapter is missing because your roommate is borrowing it again, but you’ve got a presentation to do in a couple hours. Best run to the shop and get one of those universal adapters before you pull all of your hair out. Also, hide the tip your roommate needs so he doesn’t take this one too.


Some people follow, or should follow, the technical mantra of “Backup Everything”, whether it’s a sales presentation, your master’s thesis, all of your music (except that one album you don’t like THAT … Read More »


Laptops allow you to enjoy your computer virtually anywhere, but that doesn’t always mean it is a comfortable experience. Chances are you’ve struggled to balance a laptop on your legs or felt the heat from your device reach uncomfortable, even unsafe levels. For many, this spoils the pleasure of using your computer in a relaxed, casual setting. Well, the good news is that you no longer have to sacrifice your personal comfort for convenience and portability.

The Comforter Series was designed specifically for laptop use in nontraditional areas such as the couch, bed or even on the floor. Perfect for a study group in your less than spacious dorm, a living room LAN party or simply setting up an office on your couch: this line of products provides a stable, balanced surface for your computer and serves as a heat shield to protect your body. But the benefits don’t end there. Hyperthermia, or repeated exposure to high temperatures, is known to damage reproductive systems. By adding a Comforter into your life, you can remain productive online and in the bedroom.

Mobile computing at home should be convenient and fun, … Read More »

Ergonomics is the scientific study of equipment design with the goal of improving productivity while minimizing fatigue, discomfort and injury risk. While often over looked, this concept remains the most important factor in protecting your health, improving your performance and creating an enjoyable computer experience.

Many are unaware of the adverse health consequences from working in unnatural, non-ergonomic positions and the warning signs of injury are commonly ignored. What some might not realize is that by implementing small adjustments to their posture, typing position and viewing angle, they can work more comfortably, efficiently and eliminate the risk of repetitive, strain and musculoskeletal injuries.


Laptop users suffer most from the pitfalls of bad ergonomics due to the limited screen and keyboard positions available to them. Throw in working on the go, make-shift desktops and casual web surfing on the couch and you are left with a recipe for stress, pain and injury. Worse yet, those who use their laptop as a workstation have likely accepted the limited range of positions and chronic discomfort into their daily life.

How Can You Improve?

As a laptop owner, how can you improve your ergonomics beyond the occasional screen tilt … Read More »


One of the core components to any computer system is the Power Supply Unit (PSU). The basic functionality of the PSU is to convert the Mains AC (Household, Line, Grid) Power into Low-Voltage DC Power that your components need to operate.

We will go more in-depth about what the internal components do, but for now we’ll focus on these topics:


80 Plus certification is awarded to PSU’s that pass an independent testing program which gauges the efficiency of power supplies. It is designed to let the end user know how much electrical power is being lost via heat, or in other words, how much power they will save by purchasing a certified unit. … Read More »

Benefits of Laptop Coolers WHY SHOULD I BUY LAPTOP COOLER?

As a laptop user, you are no stranger to the substantial amount of heat produced by your device. It’s a simple truth: the harder your computer works, the more heat it will generate. This is especially problematic in laptops due to their compact and portable design. They allow less airflow and cram the internal components significantly closer together than a traditional desktop computer. It is also likely that you’ve experienced strain and fatigue from a suboptimal viewing angle and flat typing surface. There are only so many positions you can achieve by tilting your screen, and propping your device up for a typing angle can block air vents or leave the laptop unstable and at risk of sliding off.

Have you ever noticed your fan roar to full speed in a desperate attempt to cool down your CPU, or perhaps you’ve experienced the discomfort of heat radiating onto your legs while surfing the web from your couch. Did you also know that your processor has the ability to ‘down clock’, or slow itself down the hotter it gets? It’s possible that you have been experiencing decreased system performance due to … Read More »


Your mouse is a precision tool for navigating digital landscapes, an extension of your mind and body that seamlessly turns thought into action. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that your mouse is a key factor in determining your level of comfort, satisfaction and ultimately your performance at the computer. From the most basic home and office users to the pro gaming elite – we have identified 3 unique grips that categorize virtually everyone’s style. These are: The Palm Grip, The Claw Grip and The Hybrid Grip.


Each separate grip employs its own characteristic method of manipulating and controlling the mouse. By identifying which grip you utilize, you’ll gain insight into peripherals on a whole new level, allowing you to make adjustments that enhance comfort, speed, accuracy and endurance. Whether it boils down to how you surf the web, scroll through a document or engage your enemies in battle, your mouse grip defines your experience.


Understanding your grip type is also powerful knowledge when searching for the latest and greatest device. Using the information from this course, you can be confident that you are able to select the … Read More »