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Benefits of Laptop Coolers

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Benefits of Laptop Coolers


As a laptop user, you are no stranger to the substantial amount of heat produced by your device. It’s a simple truth: the harder your computer works, the more heat it will generate. This is especially problematic in laptops due to their compact and portable design. They allow less airflow and cram the internal components significantly closer together than a traditional desktop computer. It is also likely that you’ve experienced strain and fatigue from a suboptimal viewing angle and flat typing surface. There are only so many positions you can achieve by tilting your screen, and propping your device up for a typing angle can block air vents or leave the laptop unstable and at risk of sliding off.

Have you ever noticed your fan roar to full speed in a desperate attempt to cool down your CPU, or perhaps you’ve experienced the discomfort of heat radiating onto your legs while surfing the web from your couch. Did you also know that your processor has the ability to ‘down clock’, or slow itself down the hotter it gets? It’s possible that you have been experiencing decreased system performance due to high temperatures without even realizing it. These problems only escalate during system load, extended periods of use and while operating under high ambient (room) temperatures. A laptop cooler is an elegant solution to all of these problems, and the wide variety of available coolers will allow you to select one that suites your purpose, fits your budget and compliments the aesthetics of your device.

Notebook Cooler



Many of you might find yourselves wondering: what are the consequences of high temperatures on my precious and expensive gear?

The answer is simple: heat is damaging to electronics, and controlling it is a major factor in determining the health and lifespan of your device. In extreme cases, heat can cause permanent component damage, resulting in lost data and expensive repair bills. The truth is that factory cooling is often insufficient on laptops due to the nature of their design. A laptop cooler can deliver fresh, cold air to your device while at the same time exhausting hot air away from it. They can also come equipped with a multitude of features such as cable management, USB hubs, LED lights and the ability to operate your laptop in a variety of ergonomic positions.

Moveable Fans Targeted Cooling

So what does one look for when selecting a laptop cooler? To begin, ask yourself what scenario you will be using your laptop in most often. Are you a casual home user who enjoys using your laptop from the comfort of your couch or bed? Do you have an on the go lifestyle that requires serious portability? Maybe you are a business user running a laptop as your daily workstation, or a mobile gamer that needs extreme cooling and aggressive styling. When narrowing down your selection you should keep in mind the following: the size of your laptop, the level of cooling performance required, your ideal viewing and typing angle, desired features such as extra USB ports or a fan controller, portability, styling that compliments your device and last but not least your budget.

Selecting a Laptop Cooler

Here are some recommendations that you can use as a guideline when choosing the perfect laptop cooler to suite your needs:


For the casual user, a notebook cooler should feature a healthy balance of heat dissipation, comfort and portability. You can be found using it at a coffee shop, the library and everywhere in between.

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The business professional requires sleek looks and a feature rich design with ample cooling power. Ergonomic options and sufficient USB ports are important in any office environment to keep you comfortable and your devices powered up.

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Gamers demand a powerful cooler with aggressive looks and modern features like a USB hub, fan controller and LED lighting. You need something portable enough for a LAN party, but big enough for your gaming laptop. The right cooler is a mobile gamer’s ultimate accessory.

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